Friday, August 17, 2012

All Things Atlanta - New Girls and a baby

Now i know its been entirely way to long since i've posted my reality tv thoughts but now i'm back. I kinda stopped blogging after the whole Ryan jenkins murder in 2009. But now i'm eager to comeback and share my thoughts; first up RHOA.

Congrats to Kim for having her baby boy, Kash Kade. I see that her and Kroy decided to give their children "K" names which is unique being that both of their names start with K.

Now on to the juice, I'm hearing that Kim will either be phased out or very limited in season 5. This really boils my blood because kim is my favorite housewife of the series and in my opinion if Kim and/or Nene aren't on the show... It won't be the same. Season 4 was a prime example of it. Without Kim or Nene there to be really apart of the drama we had medicore squabble like Sheree vs Phaedra, Marlo vs Everybody, I just don't think that Phaedra, Cynthia or even Kandi can carry the show if the two main stars are gone. I'm just hoping that Kim is involved in something, rumor has it that she has filmed some scenes with rumored housewife Kenya Moore towards the beginning of filming.

Now i saw the two rumored housewives and i really have no opinion, they both look like beautiful black women. However i did catch the movie "Deliver Us From Eva" which Kenya moore was in and i thought she was ratchet and looked a mess, hopefully it was just bad makeup and bad acting... who knows but i can't wait to officially see her and Porsche, who i think will be brought in close to mid season since its been reported that she only had a month of filming.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Braxton Family Values Reunion Next tuesday.

The finale is tonight, the show is really a breakout for WEtv. A season two has been confirmed and with more episodes.

Here is a clip of one of my favorite scenes.

The A List New York: Season 2 July 25

Now not a lot of people may watch this show, but its really good. A guy version of the housewives is really fun to watch. Try googling some videos on youtube or watch the whole series on LOGO.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thing 3 vidz on youtube

This is where i put up some videos I upload, where they are fan made or clips from a show. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rock of Love Bus: The Complete Season Online

Here it is, the complete 3rd season of the Rock of Love Saga. Next week will either be Flavor of Love 1 or Rock of Love 2? Enjoy.

3.01 Hustle on the Bustle
3.02 Fifteen Weddings and Three Funerals
3.03 It's Babes on Ice
3.04 Roadies
3.05 Eight is Not Enough
3.06 Mud Bowl 3
3.07 Truck Stop Games
3.08 Bikini Day Care
3.09 Exes and Oh's
3.10 Duet to Me One More Time
3.11 Double Dates
3.12 Bret's Rock of Love 3
3.13 Reunion show

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flavor of Love 2: The Complete Second Season Online

So i decided to upload Flavor of Love season 2 for everybody to share. My personal favorite of the series. Also in the process of getting other shows from the good VH1 days, next is Rock of Love Bus Here are the links:

Somethin's Stinkin' in the House of Flav
Flav is Blind
She Works Hard for Her Honey
Jelly on the Telly
Famous Friends and Strangeness
Photo Shoot To The Death
Boxin' Each Other Out
Steppin' Out Flav Style
Family Flavors
Oh No She Didn't!
Flav Belize In Love
Reunion: After the Lovin

NOTE: If you change "upload" to "video" you can watch it online.

ANTM needs to stop already.

Antm has now been out for about 14 cycles (season) and its only been popular about half the time. The show peaked with its 10th season, when they picked the fat girl whitney, but after that the show just started lacking everything that it used to be. I didn't watch a single episode this season, but half the finale and i can already tell that the white girl is going to win. Plus tyra has it where every 3 cycles a black girls wins. Cycle 3: Eva, Cycle 6: Danielle, Cycle 9: Saliesha, Cycle 12: Teyona. So its only fitting that the white girl, who i dont know, will win. The show has been renewed for another year, but i think it ran its course.

EDIT: Damn i was wrong, the black girl did win... I'm kinda shocked...for once the bitchy person or the villian wins...congrats

The only way i could see it actually being good is if they took past contestants and gave them another shot. Some people i would like to see are:

Season 1:
Season 2:
Season 3:
Season 4:
Season 5:
Season 6:
Season 7:
The black girl who poured water on the bed

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jersey Shore cast want the big bucks $$$

So every since the season finale, the Jersey Shore cast has been getting a lot of attention. Alot of ppl are saying that JS is a horrible representation of Italians, Some of the cast members have been putting down their sponser. The Ratings are some of the best MTV has seen in a long time. But now the cast is trying to get more money, apparently from what i saw on the news today, The JS cast is trying to have where they get 10,00 an episode. My first reaction was WTF??? Are they serious. Like the show is good, but its only been one season now i can see if they been on the network for some season and wanted that but to be on for only 1 season and want an increase is insane.

The Hills cast gets paid about 100,000 either per episode, or for a whole season. But the hills worked for it, Its been on for 5-6 years and have earned it. They didn't start getting big until Heidi and Lauren became enemies.

Originally i thought the JS was going to be like the real world and have 8 new ppl each season, but it seems that the current cast wants to stay on when i dont think that was Mtv's intent in the first place. But there is still like 5 more months before summer and anything can happen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Real Chance of Love Final Thoughts:

So I've decided that i would take time out to post on what i think about the train wreck that is called Real Chance Of Love 2.

First off, this season was a fail. It was extremely boring, nothing spectacular happened and it did nothing for Vh1's Ratings. Real and Chance were OVER THE TOP, their confessionals were rehearsed and didnt seem natural at all. Now i was curious if this season was going to be real or not because last season after chance picked nobody, there was a rumor that he got a girl, Kimma or something, pregnent. Apparently she was his long time girlfriend. At the time thought nothing about it because i thought it was just a rumor, but i did keep that in the back of my head. So after watching the Finale, i was thinking So chance FINALLY picked somebody this season. ALthough i dont like chance i thought he would at least try to make it work. So literally 15 minutes after the show Rap, Doll AND Hotwings are saying that they have heard NOTHING from real and chance and im like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! I did NOT expect this from Real what so ever, i actually had alot of respect for him. But when i heard The girls say they havent had any contact, right then and there i know that the reason was because there would be NO reunion, So there would be no need to keep in touch with the girls and also the money. Real and Chance get paid pretty well from doing these shows, and that was the MAIN reason they were doing them, they are not looking for love whatsoever. Sucks for Doll and Hot Wings, and all the other girls because they wasted their time on this show and got nothing out of it. Well unless they only came on for exposure, and got that.

Vh1 Reality has died 2006 (Flavor of love) - 2009 (Rock of love Bus) Anything after isnt worth watching. I hope you yall dont get your hopes up with Ray J 2, because hes in it for the money as well. Ray is a decent looking person [[No homo]] and he has no problem getting a girl, so why would he go on tv trying to find one???? 1 WORD.......MONEY. When it comes down to it, MOney is the main reason for doing these shows. To me the whole thing with Ray and Cocktail was a publicity stunt, Because BOTH of them pretended to be in a relationship until the Ray J 2 casting went out and they both wanted to say that they wronged each other... Bull...Shit.

So it seems that there will be NO more reunions ... i dont know what Vh1's problem is but it seems there will be no more of them.

Well im going to go, i thought i just had to put my 2 cents in.